• Echeveria succulent plant
  • Echeveria succulent plant
  • Echeveria succulent plant
  • Echeveria succulent plant

Echeveria succulent plant

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The Echeveria plant is a type of succulent that features fleshy leaves and attractive bell-shaped blossoms. Echeveria care is easy. They produce flowers during spring and summer in colors ranging from palest white to fire engine red and everything in between. Echeveria care is easy, this succulent plant with its rosette form likes well drained soil do not overwater.

  • Botanical Name: Echeveria
  • Common Name: sometimes called Mexican Hen and Chicks
  • Growability: Easy Care
  • Size: Rosette form, stemless or stem forming
  • Flowering: Spring and Summer
  • Light: Full sun and bright sunny location
  • Temperature: Upper 70° to low 80° degrees Fahrenheit
  • Water: Water well in the growing season, allow the soil to dry before watering again
  • Fertilizer: Fertilize with balanced food, no fertilizer in winter
  • Pests & Diseases: Aphids, scale, mealybugs, rotting roots from overwatering
  • Propagation: Leaf-cutting, offsets, seed

Succulent Echeveria Care

Echeveria succulent care requirements vary somewhat from one species to another. Generally speaking, Echeverias require well-drained soil, light, airy potting mix, full sunlight to partial shade, and very little water once mature.

Size & Growth

These pretty plants are easily recognized by their compact rosette succulent growth habit and their plump, attractive leaves, which may be tinged with red or pink and may even seem to glow in the right light. Often full sun!

Flowering and Fragrance

Blooms grow on flower stalks or flower stems in a wide variety of shades that always contrast attractively with the background color of the foliage.

Echeveria Sunlight & Temperature

Echeveria likes bright, indirect sunlight and warm temperatures of the afternoon sun. Many varieties will grow in full sun but may need light shade in scorching summer. Avoid drastic sunlight changes.

It thrives when kept between 70° and 80° degrees Fahrenheit.

In the wintertime, do not let the temperature drop below 40° degrees Fahrenheit. These plants cannot tolerate freezing temps.

How Much Water And Fertilizer Do Echeverias Need?

When watering Echeveria during the growing season, water them thoroughly. Let the potting soil dry out completely before watering again.

Provide them a balanced succulent/cactus food about once a month. In the winter, water lightly and less often. Do not fertilize at all during this resting period.

NOTE: Over fertilizing these succulent plants can cause fertilizer burn.

Many succulent plant varieties tend to develop rotting roots easily. It is best to water from beneath rather than with overhead watering and keep the soil dry.

Always plant Echeveria in pots with drainage holes.

Water carefully, and don’t splash water on the plant’s leaves because this will leave unsightly spotting on the waxy coating.

Soil & Transplanting

Repot young plants annually and mature plants every second year. Repot in spring, using either a special succulent potting mixture or mix your own mix.

Do Echeverias Need Grooming And Pruning?

Echeveria is self-pruning. You will not need to do anything more than removing the occasional dead leaf and blossoms.


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