• Calocasia black magic

Calocasia black magic

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Colocasia “Black Magic” Facts

Origin: Asia

Family: Araceae

Botanical Name: Colocasia esculenta Black Magic – [KOLL-oh-kay-zhuh] [es-kew-LEN-tuh]

Common Name: Black Elephant Ears, Alocasia Black Magic, Black Magic Colocasia

Plant Type: evergreen perennial bulb

Size: 3′ – 6′ foot in height and width

Leaves: attractive enormous heart shaped elephant leaves, black dark purple leaves with a “smokey” cast

Flowers: yellow-green spathe and spadix

Bloom: Not showy

Hardiness: USDA hardiness zones 8 – 12

Exposure: Plant Sun or Shade? Best in part shade but will handle full sun.

Soil: well draining garden soil

Water: loves water, Keep soil moist but not wet

Fertilizer: Loves regular fertilization especially regular liquid food! More food, faster growth rate and bigger plants

Propagation: Dividing bulbs

Pests & Problems: generally pest free, aphids whitefly and spider mites at times

Colocasia New Looks and Style in Black!

The large green leaved giant, grown around the world for food, is also used as an ornamental in the landscape.




The sister plant to “Black Magic”, combining purple and bright green foliage.


Striking foliage with leaves standing 4 feet create an enchanting color combination in partial shade. Grows well in the shallow edges of water in a pond or pool and thrives in moist soil locations.





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